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DUKE CENTER for IN VIVO MICROSCOPY (CIVM) is an NIH/NIBIB P41 NIBIB logonational Biomedical Technology Resource Center developing novel methods for preclinical imaging with biomedical applications.

Small animal imaging: MRI, CT, x-ray, ultrasound, confocal, optical, and SPECT, all at the highest possible spatial resolution. Ask about a collaboration project or see if our shared data meet your research needs.


For more information, email the Center.

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MR - kidney imaging example

Dr. Cristian Badea
named Associate Director of CIVM
Wednesdays at noon

Xie, et al. Dynamic contrast-enhanced quantitative susceptibility mapping with ultrashort echo time MRI for evaluating renal function, Am J Physiol - Renal Physiol 310): F174-182, 2016. Data supplement

Bring your lunch, Room 162, Bryan Research Building  
contact us to get on our mailing list Dr. Alexandra Badea
  Dr. Badea has been named Associate Professor of Radiology/Neurology/BIAC/Medical Physics in addition to being an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering





Micro-CT 4D atlas of C57/BL mouse heart

See D Clark et al. Proc. SPIE 8668-175, 2013

Directionally colored MR diffusion tractography of human brainstem and thalamus

See E Calabrese, et al. Human Brain Mapping 36(8):3167-78, 2015
  gotoYouTube brainstem
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MR quantitative susceptibility mapping of kidney inflammation and fibrosis in type 1 angiotensin receptor-deficient mice

See L Xie et al. NMR in Biomed 26(2):1853-63, 2013
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