DIIL Gallery

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•Volume of 254 of 322 regions were highly heritable.

•Significant strain variance in FA was seen across 298 of the 322 regions.

•Connection profiles of 280 of 322 nodes were heritable for all 4 strains.

•Connection profiles of 150 nodes were heritable in the three “normal" strains.

Courtesy Nian Wang, PhD


Diffusion Tensor Histology of the rat spine @ 50 um.

Courtesy G Allan Johnson, PhD


MR Histology of the Rhesus Monkey Brain @ 75 um.

Courtesy Evan Calabrese, MD, PhD


Combined Light Sheet and MR Histology of a mouse brain.

Courtesy G Allan Johnson, PhD


A Multimodality Atlas of the Mouse-DTI@15 um resolution

Courtesy G Allan Johnson, PhD