Imaging tools available to projects within the SAIL program are listed below.

7 T Bruker Avance MRI

The 7T /210 mm bore Bruker MRI system is designed for in vivo rat and mouse studies. State of the art Paravision 6 software provides a host of sophisticated imaging sequences. Multiple radiofrequency coils enable high sensitivity and spatial resolution (<100 um).


Bruker 7t Magnet


Specialized 3D printed animal beds and coil supports provide anesthesia, respiratory monitoring and temperature control during scanning enabling higher throughput


Images of Liver Metastases


The MILabs microSPECT/CT (left) is designed for in vivo imaging of molecular probes in mouse models. Two multi pin hole collimators (middle) allow focus on whole body or specific volumes. Isotropic resolution down to 350 um is available in dynamic studies. The device detects gamma emitting molecular probes enabling an exceptionally wide range of commercially available probes with long half-lives. The system provides registered CT images (at microscopic resolution) to provide anatomic context. Specialized isolation facilities support longitudinal studies.