Student Programs

The driving force behind the expanded collaboration between the Department of Radiology and Pratt is the unique opportunity CIVM provide in bringing undergraduate and graduate students in Pratt together with medical students and residents in the School of Medicine. Three programs have been developed to facilitate these interactions:

Pratt Fellows: ( The Pratt Research Fellows Program provides opportunities to do intensive research for a period of three semesters plus a summer program.

Third Year Medical Students: ( The Third Year at the Duke University School of Medicine represents a unique opportunity for the student to broaden his or her background in the biomedical and social sciences; the basis of clinical medicine. The primary goal of the third year is to develop tomorrow's physician leaders through a rigorous scholarly experience in biomedical-related research.

CIVM Imaging Scholars: The Imaging scholars program provides undergraduate engineering, computer science, and neuroscience majors an interdisciplinary research program with access to state-of-the-art imaging equipment, visualization resources, data, and expertise. Projects are designed to bring multiple students together where the sum can be more than the parts. Many students enter through the muser program ( Projects are tailored to the student’s goals with an eye toward preparing the scholar for "the next step".