Duke Imaging Innovation Laboratory (DIIL)

The Duke Imaging Innovation Lab (DIIL) is a highly collaborative laboratory developing the next generation of imaging tools. Working with colleagues throughout the university, DIIL is identifying new areas where imaging can provide new scientific insight

DIIL is currently exploring three unique new areas:

  • MR histology of macro specimens, eg. post mortem human tissues, preclinical tumor models
  • Diffusion tensor microscopy of the rodent brain
  • Quantitative connectomics of the mouse and rat brain - a hardware/software environment for merging, visualizing, analyzing really big (100 TB) 3-6 dimensional image libraries from multiple modalities

Contact Dr. G Allan Johnson to discuss potential collaboration.

Diffusion tractography of control (B6) mouse (left) and BTBR mouse- a model of Autism spectrum disorder Courtesy Nian Wang, Ph.D.