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The Center for In Vivo Microscopy is a unique integrated resource with faculty, staff, and grad students from a range of disciplines including biological and animal sciences, biomedical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, medicine, medical physics, and project managementall under one roof or in near-by locations

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G. Allan Johnson PhD (Director - Center for In Vivo Microscopy; Charles E. Putman University Professor of Radiology; Professor of Physics, and BME)
Alexandra Badea PhD (Associate Professor of Radiology/Neurology/BIAC/Medical Physics, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering)
Cristian T. Badea PhD (Professor of Radiology, Biomedical Engineering, Medical Physics; Associate Director of CIVM)
Bastiaan Driehuys PhD (Professor of Radiology, Biomedical Engineering, and Medical Physics)
larry Laurence Hedlund PhD (Professor Emeritus of Radiology)
John Nouls PhD (Assistant Research Professor of Radiology)


larry Martin Fischer PhD (Assistant Research Professor of Chemistry)
larry Warren S. Warren PhD (James B. Duke Professor of Chemistry; Prof. Radiology, Biomedical Engineering, Physics; Director - Center for Molecular
and Biomolecular Imaging)
larry Junjie Yao PhD (Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering)


beckyRobert "BJ" Anderson PhD (Post-doctoral Research Associate) Tawynna Gordon (Financial Analyst / Grants Manager)
zackElianna Bier MS (Associate in Research) GeoffTatiana Johnson (Financial Analyst / Grants Manager)
zackDarin Clark PhD (Post-doctoral Research Associate) Lucy Upchurch (Computer Systems and Network Manager)
zackGary Cofer (MR Operations Manager) Nian Wang PhD (Post-doctoral Research Associate, Sr.)
James Cook (Computer Programmer II) YiQi Yi Qi (Laboratory Research Analyst II)


Biomedical Engineering - PhD and MS Programs Medical Physics - PhD Program
  • Leith Rankine
Electrical and Computer Engineering - PhD Program AFFILIATED GRADUATE STUDENTS/POST-DOCS (Chemistry)

Some graduates, staff, or faculty who have left CIVM - and where they are now

Grad students and previous staff:
Anjum Ali Sharief PhD, BME 2006 (GE)
Anja Brau
PhD, BME 2003 (GE)
Elizabeth Bucholz PhD, BME 2008 (Instructor, Duke BME)
Evan Calabrese PhD BME 2014 (back in MD portion of Medical Scientist Training Program)
Mark Chawla PhD, BME 2000
X. Josette Chen PhD, Physics 1999 (Constituency Manager, Office of Julie Dabrusin, MP for Toronto–Danforth)
Zackary Cleveland 2014 (Center for Pulmonary Imagaging Research, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital)
Ryan Davis PhD, Chemistry 2015 (Stanford)
Russell Dibb
Matthew Freeman PhD, Medical Physics 2015 (Research Fellow, Center for Pulmonary Imaging Research, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital))
Sally Gewalt, 2011
Ketan Ghaghada PhD (Texas Children's Hospital)
Gabriel Howles MD PhD, BME 2009 (Kaiser- Oakland, CA)
Sarah Hurlston Vargas PhD, BME 2000
Samuel Johnston PhD, BME 2011 (SafeRay Spine LLC)
S. Sivaram Kaushik PhD, BME 2014 (MR Scientist, Applications & Workflow, GE Healthcare)
MingDe Lin PhD, BME 2008 (Philips Research)
Nilesh Mistry PhD, BME 2008 (Staff Scientist, Siemens)
Allison Nugent PhD, Physics 2001 (Staff Scientist, NIH/NIMH)
Prachi Pandit PhD, BME 2010
Alexandra Petiet PhD, BME 2007 (Ingénieur Chercheur, CEA NeuroSpin, France)
Rebecca (Becky) Pratt, 2014 (Clinical Trials Assistant, Child & Family Mental Health and Dev Neuro)
Jiayu (Mandy) Song PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering 2006
Geoffry Schrank, PhD (Post-doc, 2017)
Ergys Subashi PhD, Medical Physics 2014 (Duke Radiation Physicst)
Luke Xie PhD, BME 2014 (Genentech, California)
Sally Zimney (Ed Coordinator, 2017)
Natalie Delpratt (MS Associate in Research)

Recent Graduates:
Medical Physics PhD graduate: Scott H Robertson PhD
Medical Physics MS: Mengheng Touch (Applied Predictive Technologies, San Francisco CA)
Biomedical Engineering MS: Kyle Decker

Srinivasan Mukundan MD PhD (Radiology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard)