Supplemental Material for: A diffusion MRI tractography connectome of the mouse brain and comparison with neuronal tracer data

Evan Calabrese, Alexandra Badea, Gary Cofer, Yi Qi, G. Allan Johnson

Center for In Vivo Microscopy, Duke University Medical Center

Published in Cerebral Cortex (E-pub ahead of print) June 5, 2015 (PMID: 26048951) - Free full text through Open Access

Interest in structural brain connectivity has grown with the understanding that abnormal neural connections may play a role in neurologic and psychiatric diseases. Small-animal connectivity mapping techniques are particularly important for identifying aberrant connectivity in disease models. Diffusion MRI tractography can provide non-destructive, 3D, digital, brain-wide connectivity maps, but has historically been limited by low spatial resolution, low signal-to-noise ratio, and the difficulty in estimating multiple fiber orientations within a single image voxel. Small-animal diffusion tractography can be substantially improved through the combination of ex-vivo MRI with exogenous contrast agents, advanced diffusion acquisition and reconstruction techniques, and probabilistic fiber tracking. Here, we present a comprehensive, probabilistic tractography connectome of the mouse brain at microscopic resolution. This work serves as a reference database for future tractography studies in the mouse brain, and demonstrates an automated pipeline for assessing brain-wide connectivity in mouse models of human brain diseases.


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