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CIVM encourages a broad range of collaborative projects

STEPS to initiate a collaboration

  1. Download and complete a Project Form in Word Format or Project Form in PDF format
  2. Important: for preliminary data needed to submit a grant, provide at least 1 month lead time prior to submission

REQUIREMENTS - Before a project can start

We try to accommodate as many users as possible, but our resources are limited. We would like to help, but we cannot start without the following:
  • Completed and accepted project form
  • Meeting with a CIVM faculty member to 1st discuss your needs, then properly plan your project

REQUIREMENTS - For resulting publications

  • Acknowledgement of CIVM's federal / other grants
    • email for grant numbers, as well as the process for mandatory deposit of the paper in the NIH public access system (PMC)
  • Opportunity to review the paper before submission
  • Final copy of published manuscript and figures for our records

CANCER-RELATED projects - Examples

RATES for CIVM resources

CIVM charges follow policies from the NIH Office of Management and Budget for operation of educational animal resources (Circular A-21-Cost Principles for Education Institutions)
Basic scanning rates (per hour)
MR microscopy (2T, 7T, 9T)
Live-animal tech support surcharge (per hour)
MR Bruker (7T) with cyroprobe
Hyperpolarized gas (per experiment)
MR Aspect (1T)
Post-processing rates (per hour)
Micro x-ray
Computer analysis
Confocal microscope
Scientific analysis
Computer cluster $25
email email for other equipment    

data sharing DATA ONLY

Many of our publications include data links, so 1st check to see our available data
  • Or, download and complete this Data Sharing form to describe your request
  • Email form to CIVM contact.
  • We will locate data and arrange an appropriate sharing method