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DUKE CENTER for IN VIVO MICROSCOPY (CIVM) is an NIH/NIBIB P41 NIBIB logonational Biomedical Technology Resource Center developing novel methods for preclinical imaging with biomedical applications.

Small animal imaging: MRI, CT, x-ray, ultrasound, confocal, optical, and SPECT, all at the highest possible spatial resolution. Ask about a collaboration project or see if our shared data meet your research needs.


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Dr. Cristian Badea
named Associate Director of CIVM

Wednesdays at noon

Bring your lunch  
Room 162, Bryan Research Building Dr. Junjie Yao
  Assistant Professor of BME joins CIVM faculty with expertise in photoacoustic and optical imaging
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Interdisciplinary colloquia events

  • March 2: Brian Avants: Longitudinal brain mapping in the history / treatment of Alzheimer's disease, 2-3 PM, Bryan Research 103

  • April 6: 2nd session of WINDOWS IINTO THE BRAIN workshop, 8 AM - 5 PM, DIBS multipurpose room

  MR - example of kidney imaging
  Xie, et al. Dynamic contrast-enhanced quantitative susceptibility mapping with ultrashort echo time MRI for evaluating renal function, Am J Physiol - Renal Physiol 310): F174-182, 2016. Data supplement





Micro-CT 4D atlas of C57/BL mouse heart

See D Clark et al. Proc. SPIE 8668-175, 2013

Directionally colored MR diffusion tractography of human brainstem and thalamus

See E Calabrese, et al. Human Brain Mapping 36(8):3167-78, 2015
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MR quantitative susceptibility mapping of kidney inflammation and fibrosis in type 1 angiotensin receptor-deficient mice

See L Xie et al. NMR in Biomed 26(2):1853-63, 2013
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