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CIVM encourages a broad range of collaborative projects

STEPS to initiate a collaboration

  1. Download and complete a Project Form in Word Format or Project Form in PDF format
    • Most important: include contact and funding information, 1-2 paragraphs to briefly describe goals, type of imaging that may meet your needs, and number of animals
    • Email form to CIVM faculty who will review your information and arrange a meeting to develop appropriate protocols. For example, the challenges of imaging a 25-g mouse are substantial, so the protocols are considerably different than those used in a clinical environment.
  2. Important: for preliminary data needed to submit a grant, provide at least 1 month lead time prior to submission

REQUIREMENTS - Before a project can start

We try to accommodate as many users as possible, but our resources are limited. We would like to help, but we cannot start without the following:
  • Completed and accepted project form
  • Meeting with a CIVM faculty member to 1st discuss your needs, then properly plan your project

REQUIREMENTS - For resulting publications

  • Acknowledgement of CIVM's federal / other grants
    • Email for grant numbers, as well as the process for mandatory deposit of the paper in the NIH public access system (PMC)
  • Opportunity to review the paper before submission
  • Final copy of published manuscript and figures for our records

CANCER-RELATED projects - Examples

RATES for CIVM resources

CIVM charges follow policies from the NIH Office of Management and Budget for operation of educational animal resources.

Basic scanning rates (per hour)
Additional charges and info
Agilent - 9.4T MR Histology
Agilent - 9.4T MR Histology Overnight
Live-animal tech support (per hour)
MR Bruker (7T)
Hyperpolarized Gas Resources
MR Bruker (7T) Independent
Post-processing rates (per hour)
Data Analysis
Computer Cluster $10/hr/node
Email our center for other equipment    

data sharing DATA ONLY

Many of our publications include data links, so 1st check to see our available data
  • Or, download and complete this Data Sharing form to describe your request
  • Email form to CIVM contact.
  • We will locate data and arrange an appropriate sharing method