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Windows Into the Brain


Join us for a Duke School of Medicine-supported Interdisciplinary Colloquia Initiative. 2 sessions:

December 8, 2016 and April 6, 2017

Let's come think together inside the DIBS glass box for the day, and hope to resurface with new ideas! 1st session coming up December 8th.

Brain research spans scientific domains, and imaging is a translational tool that can help across multiple levels, such as:

  • Developing targeted imaging probes

  • Developing imaging methods

  • Using sophisticated algorithms for univariate / multivariate analysis

  • Ultimately, interpreting those findings in the context of behavioral and physiological changes in the brain

2 sessions on translational brain imaging for neurodegenerative brain diseases can help identify synergies based on areas of interest, needs, and expertise of individual researchers.

Participants are invited to present posters. Contact us for more information.


1st session December 8, 2016 and 2nd session April 6, 2017


Duke Institute for Brain Sciences (DIBS) Multipurpose Room B035, Levine Science Research Center (LSRC)

DIBS    Enter through the glass cube on the patio of the LSRC


Register here for 1 or both sessions, and let us know if you plan to present a poster.



8:30 AM   Intro / Welcome A Badea (Radiology), R O'Brien (Neurology)
8:40   MR connectomic histology  GA Johnson (Radiology)
9:20   Baby connectome project: window into early brain development W Lin (UNC-Chapel Hill)
10:00   High-resolution MRI of the human brain AW Song (Radiology, Neurobiology, BME)
10:55   Functional MRI/DTI in Alzheimer's disease JR Petrella (Radiology)
11:35   Big pictures: challenge of large data sets using computing clusters and processing pipelines RJ Anderson (Radiology)
12:15 PM   Novel structural searchlight measure of lifespan of white matter health S Davis (Neurology)
1:55   All-scale photoacoustic brain imaging J Yao (BME)
2:35   Targeting neurotensin Receptor 1 for treatment of methamphetamine addiction L Slosky (Cell Biology)
3:15   Assessments of cognitive deficits in mutant mice WC Wetsel (Psychiatry, Behav Sci, Neurology)
4:10   Imaging the brain of autism mouse models Y Hui-Jiang (Pediatrics, Neurobiology)
4:15   Diffeomorphometry, high-field atlasing, brainclouds, and
neurodegenerative disease
M Miller (Johns Hopkins)
5:30   Adjourn  


Supported by the Interdisciplinary Colloquia Initative from the Duke School of Medicine to Alexandra Badea PhD (Center for In Vivo Microscopy, Radiology) and Richard O'Brien MD, PhD (Chair, Neurology)