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John Nouls PhD, Alexandra Badea PhD, Evan Calabrese

MR imaging studies on 7T Bruker

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One of the newest additions to our group of magnetic resonance magnets is a 7T Bruker. Below are examples of some studies currently under way.

High-resolution in vivo mouse brain anatomy - John Nouls PhD
  • Blood-brain barrier of this mouse was opened by ultrasound. See this article for more info (GP Howles, KF Bing, Y Qi, et al., Contrast-enhanced in vivo MR microscopy of the mouse brain enabled by non-invasive opening of the blood-brain barrier with ultrasound, Magn Reson Med, 64(4):995-1004. 2010)
  • Magnevist contrast injection
  • Cyrogenic surface coil
  • Echo planar imaging
  • Acquired in 2 hours, 40x40x80 microns3

In vivo neurovascular imaging in a mouse - Alexandra Badea PhD
  • Blood pool contrast agent
  • Cryogenic surface coil
  • Flow-compensated gradient echo
  • Acquired in 4 hours, 40x40x40 microns3

Diffusion tensor imaging in a mouse - Evan Calabrese
  • Blood brain barrier was opened by ultrasound
  • Magnevist contrast injection
  • Cryogenic surface coil
  • Diffusion-weighted echo planar imaging
  • Acquired in 3 hours, 150x150x150 microns3
ADC (apparent diffusion coefficient)
FA (fractional angisotrophy)
DWI (diffusion-weighted imaging)