Interactive Viewers for the Visible Mouse

Web Article Supplement for
 Radiology 2002; 222:789-793.10.1148/radiol.22230110531.

 Radiology Vol 222, No. 3, pages 789-793 March 2002.

"Morphologic phenotyping by magnetic resonance microscopy: the visible mouse"

G.A. Johnson, G.P. Cofer, S.L. Gewalt, L.W. Hedlund

Duke Medical Center, Department of Radiology,
Center for In Vivo Microscopy

The visible mouse manuscript describes a magnetic resonance microscopy protocol for 3D imaging of the mouse. The manuscript is available at:

The mouse viewers in this supplement contain a subset of the images from a 3D array. The goal of these demonstrations is to hint at the three-dimensional nature and quality of mouse anatomical information available in the complete set.